How to Easily Add Icons to your Notion Notes?

Rajasekar Elango
3 min readSep 7, 2020

Problem with Adding Icons in Notion

Notion comes with only a limited set of icons. We can get beautiful icons from many websites like Icon8, Flaticon. But it is painful to add icons from those websites to Notion notes. So I have built a Notion Icons tool to easily add icons to Notion.

In this post, I will share how to use Notions Icons and some tips in using Icons in Notion.

Notion Icons — Tool to Easily Add Icons to Notion

Notion Icons helps you to easily add icons to your notes. Here is how you use it.

  1. Go to Icons tab.
  2. Type keywords in Search box to filter icons.
  3. You can customize color by clicking color swatch.
  4. If you use dark mode in Notion, you can toggle Dark mode button to see how it looks in dark mode.
  5. Click on the Icon to copy url to clipboard.
  6. Go to your Notion app, click on icon, go to Link tab and paste the copied url.
  7. Hit Enter. The icon will be updated.

You can watch this demo video to see it in action.

Tips and Best Practices

I would like to share some tips and best practices I found while organizing notes with Icons.

1. Use templates to automatically add icons for new Database Items.

You must be already familiar with Notion templates to easily replicate page structures in the Database. If you are not, check this article. Using templates, we can easily set default values for fields including Icons.

2. Use unique colors for each category

I use popular PARA ( Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive ) method to organize all resources. So I use unique colors for each type of resource. For eg. Green for Projects, Red for Areas, Blue for Resources, etc. Here is an example from my Notion.

Even if you don’t use PARA, if gives a quick visual context if you use unique color for each category.

3. Use the same icon for each item in the collection

The database view will look neat if you use the same icon for each item in the database. Also, when you use the same icon, you can set it as the default icon in templates and save a lot of time.

You can see below screenshot of my setup and I have used the same icons for all videos, podcasts, books, etc.

4. Use different icons for each item for tag database.

I use global databases for Topics, Tags to categorize notes. For those items, It’s a good idea to use unique icons based on the name. Here is an example from my Notion setup.

Don’t find the Icons you want?

I have only added Icons I use in My Notion. The more icons we add, it becomes harder to choose the right one ( Paradox Of Choice ). I would like to crowdsource best Icons for Notion from the community. So feel free to contribute more icons by following these instructions.

If you need more help, please check out FAQ.

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